Eine Spende von einem Mitarbeiter von Le Klint

2013 and a young gentleman was preparing his invites for his 50th Birthday party.

Søren decided to ask his guests for a monetary gift, through his invitations, to help pay for the band with an added 15% that would go as a donation to The Love & Light Project, instead of bringing him presents.

His bank details were included on each Birthday invitation, so the request would be a stress-free experience for his guests.

The donations were made and a memorable birthday party was had and Soren handed the donation directly to Isa the founder of The Love & Light Project.

Donationerne blev foretaget, og der blev holdt en mindeværdig fødselsdagsfest, og Søren overrakte donationen direkte til Isa, grundlæggeren af The Love & Light Project.

The Love & Light Project says a huge Thank You to Søren Andersen Marketing Le Klint.