Fjordkøkkenet Munkebo

A local soup Kitchen reached out for some help with their Christmas arrangements and The Love & light Project was very happy to assist.

Every Sunday Karin Lissi Solveig and Julie, volunteers in the basement of their local community centre, to help bring some joy and a warm meal to local people, who have either lost their partners, disabled or just down and out on their luck with no or minimal assistance with daily chores.

The Fanstastic Four

Fjordkøkkenet in Munkebo is a local soup kitchen that has be running for more than twenty years now, the commune allows free use of the space below, equipped with all kitchen amenities to service a small gathering/party. The volunteers open the doors, serve food and coffee to the lonely, poor and needy.  They arrange Easter and Christmas dinners and also, Bingo sessions to encourage community spirit through socializing.

Karin has put here heart and soul into keeping FjordKøkkenet going over the years and has made many little wishes come true by reaching out to local companies for donations.

This year they needed a take home gift to round off the Christmas activities.

The Love & Light Project offered some delicious Danish treats for each guest which Julie kindly accepted on the Fjord køkkenet’s behalf and with the help of her two small daughters collected and packed them into her small car for the patrons.

Fjordkøkkenet could benefit greatly from having more volunteers as the four women themselves suffer from a variety of physical ailments, but the fulfilment they receive from the gratitude of their patrons, keeps the soup kitchen open every Sunday.

If you would like to help out a few hours on a Sunday you can contact Julie tlf: 41 11 61 74 or stop by Fjord køkkenet Munkebo Troels Alle 4, 5330 Munkebo on a Sunday afternoon.